A cool suggestion: Possession

A bit of a far-fetched idea, and something low priority, but it would be cool if you add some sort of “possess” option, to be able to control one of the beings, and act as one of them. Possibly if you ever introduce medieval weaponry, you could possess a sapien and fight either other players with an army behind you or just npcs for food like those chickens you introduced a while ago.

Example Scenario:
Possess a sapien planning on cutting down a tree.
Press W to make the sapien sprint/run instead of run/walk.
Time left-clicks with axe swings to double the reward or speed up the process.

Example War Scenario:
Possess a Knight figure to make him the general.
Entire army behind you.
Approach enemy civilization.
New set of interaction icons since you are “at war”
Command your army to break/scale walls, fire arrows at the opposing army, etc.
You help them, or fight 1 on 1 with another player-controlled knight.

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The game “Life is Feudal: Forest Village” does that. And there it is nice, since the AI isn’t perfect. The AI is good enough for the casual stuff, but you can posses a child (which normally doesn’t work) or an adult to do stuff that have a high priority. For example you can go hunt a lot of animals and let the NPCs just collect the loot. That’s way more efficient than give the hunting command to the NPCs.

Your suggestion is generally a good idea and if the AI isn’t perfect it can even be a major improvement.

Thanks for the feedback @Benrex777 ! Yeah, I was just imagining how well it would work especially in PvP scenarios on public servers. It wouldn’t be hard to program AI vs AI, but I’m sure it would end up extremely boring. But if you get to possess the “monarch” or “knight” or “general” leading the army, you can command them to do everything differently.


And if you can jump between the crucial points of the battlefield it also helps.


This is a good idea, I just dunno if that kind of scale of war is feasible in this game.

Other than that, the idea of becoming one sapien is really cool. Only trouble is having to code all that xD
Increasing the speed with which the tasks are done is one reward, having more stuff to do is another.

Hunting would be cool, you could aim rocks for throwing, you could use bow and arrow, use mouse clicks to time knife dashes…
Fishing with a spear would be nice as well.

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