About the Suggestions Forum/Category


This is a place to suggest ideas for the city builder game Majic Jungle is developing. The working title is Ambience, and while the game is still embryonic we value your input!

Guidelines for this forum:

  • This is the place to make suggestions. Each thread should contain only one suggestion, or system of suggestions. A suggested system is a set of suggestions that are interdependent, i.e. there’s no point in one without the others.

  • Please don’t criticise another person’s suggestion on any basis apart from the value of it in the game, i.e. don’t criticise an idea because it is present in other games, has been suggested before, or because you “don’t like it”. Rational reasoning based on the merit of the suggestion within the game is needed in order to negative it.

  • Pointing out that a suggestion has been made before is unnecessary, and may needlessly make the latest suggestor feel bad without any good reason, so please don’t do this.

  • If you l like a suggestion of suggested system please LIKE THE FIRST POST of the suggestion thread. This is important. We will know, if we see more individuals posting how they like this idea that we see likes on the first post, that people aren’t really seriously “for” the idea, and their posts will carry less weight.

  • Please remember to be courteous and respectful to one another when discussing suggestions.