Ambience on mobile?

Is Ambience going to be on mobile or just PC? I don’t have a PC, yet I really want to play Ambience when it’s released! Thanks! There’s no question category, so I had to put it in General Discussion…

Specs Required

Mac Support

Linux Support

These thee threads discuss the platforms of the game. In summary, it’s more of a PC/Mac game, mobile probably won’t be an option due to the size of the game, and consoles are a maybe.


Oh, ok, thank you!

Mobile won’t comprehend this type of game.

It could, it’d just take a lot more work.


If it was on mobile, how would the controls work?

Pad, Like GTA SA works.
Movement on the left
Controls like shoot and aim on right

I am designing the game to be something you sit down and play for a few hours at a time, an immersive experience, rather than something you pick up and put down in short bursts. So fundamentally I don’t believe it will end up being a good fit for mobile. PC is my focus, it will launch there first, and I’m not even thinking about mobile when making game design or UI decisions.

However, after the PC launch if it turns out that it will actually work out well as a mobile game, I wouldn’t be totally against doing a mobile port.


Well, I sure am ready to try this game.

Just an update to anybody who doesn’t follow Dave on Twitter: this game won’t be available on mobile, as Apple doesn’t allow apps to generate code while it’s running, which is something Ambience does. Oh well.

I did kind of leave it with that conclusion on Twitter, however a few people replied with a few ideas.

The difficulties with run-time compiling do make an iOS port less likely, but it turns out we can’t rule it out 100%.


Oh ok. Good to know! :slight_smile:

cool, thanks!

So there’s a reallly small chance it will be on mobile?

If it ever did, I guarantee it will go on the game of the day page, and maybe even top charts.