Ambience Pros & Cons

Helloo. Today I’ll be sharing with you the Pros and Cons of Majic Dave’s new game, Ambience.

So, the Pros are, :grin:

  1. Wonderful and calming graphics, like Alto’s Adventure and Monument Valley (If you haven’t downloaded any of the above, you haven’t experinced the actual beauty you can put into games)
  2. The fact that you control the game like Minecraft- 3D
  3. The fact that you can go around an actual globe in the game, knowing where you are and where you can go rather than continually walking and walking until all the blackness is explored in The Blockheads.

And, here comes the cons… But just one. :grin:

  1. The fact that it’s only downloadable on PC. :slightly_frowning_face:

If you have any other ideas, please reply. :grinning:

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One more con:
You have to pay to play.

Oh. I forgot about that. Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

This seems more like a con to me. A big part of these type games is exploring from the original Civ games to, the ever compared to, Minecraft (maps don’t start filled in). The unknown is actually a big draw to longtime gamers of this type.

I don’t plan on allowing you to actually fly around at super speeds like I am in the videos. Exploration will be a big part of the game, and your ability to travel vast distances will be limited, especially in the early game. You can explore distant mountains, and beyond, and eventually cross oceans and circumnavigate but you will have to work to get there.

I haven’t said it’s definitely PC only, it probably will support the Mac at least, and maybe other platforms too, I’d love to get it on consoles if it is successful enough.

Having to pay up front is a pro if you ask me! Both as a developer and as a gamer I don’t like the Free 2 Play model, I don’t like ads, and I don’t like putting game mechanics in that encourage people to keep spending. One way or another, you always end up paying. It’s either a chunk up front, or in bits later on, or in your wasted time watching ads. Nothing is really free!


This is so true.

Another pro: Mod support.


Hear, hear!

Pro: cooperative support (multi-player)

100% agree. I would much rather pay upfront than get nickel and dimed continually during play.