Ambience Weekly Update #6 - Houses

This week we can finally build houses! They’re still very simple, but they have floors, walls, doorways and a roof, everything a caveman needs to stay warm and dry under the everlasting sunny skies (one day I’ll add rain!)

The snapping system is working great for all these new building parts, so you can quickly and easily create fairly complex structures.

Also this week the cavemen are starting to figure out how to navigate around things. Until now, they would walk in a straight line no matter what was in the way, and walk through tress, walls, and lakes and mammoths and whatever else was in the way. But now they will walk around lakes to get to their destination. Hopefully they’ll be waking through doorways and around other objects and structures as soon as next week.

It’s time for a devblog video update next week too. See you then :)

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