Bored/ non-working/ etc animation

When i think of AoE or similar games, people without work always looked unnatural just standing around, and you had to search for workers who were not assigned any job (or click a button to find them).

It would be pretty nice if you could make some animations for poeple who dont have any task, for example just sitting and tearing grass from the floor, lay there with their hands behind thei head gazing into the sky, etc. If there are kids, maybe they could chase each other.

And a button for poeple who dont have a task would be nice, wich highlights them, and/or brings you near them. A general highlighting of these, such as a red shade might be helpfull aswell.


Great idea

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I like the idea. But I’m not to sure about making them with a red shade all the time. Making them red that way kind of indicates error.

I would propose to not highlight them at all. But if you toggle the button for occupation you could give each person a corresponding shade. Like green for sick, red for warrior, brown for worker, grey for bored and so on.

That is a ctually a neat idea.

They do however wave at each other so we have that :slight_smile:

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It’s a very early stage of the game (at least gameplay-wise). Therefore everything might change. Waving is a good start, since they can interact that way. But I would be surprised it that is the final version.