Building Suggestions

As I am working on building more elaborate structures, I’ve determined a few things that I believe the building system could use to make high-level building less tedious.

  • The ability to move placed, unconstructed, objects with precision mode.
  • If above was added, being able to select multiple structures at once would also be nice.
  • Display the degrees of rotation when rotating things in precision mode.
  • Degree snapping in precision mode (Perhaps change increment with number keys?)
  • Toggle button for enable/disable build order.
  • Drag-Placing (Click and drag to place a line of the same structure.)
  • Prefabs/Blueprints (I know this has been suggested and talked about already.)
  • Change the materials allowed to build with on placed objects (Great with multiselection!)

Not terribly urgent, but it would be nice to have these things eventually.


To add to this one suggestion.
The ability to hide/unhide parts of buildings (particularly rooves)