Building System

I have an idea for a feature you can add to improve the building system. If possible, you could create a system where you can highlight a structure you’ve already created by clicking the individual elements (walls, beds, etc) and then save and name the configuration. From there you could instruct your Sapiens to build the same structure somewhere else. I think that this would keep the fun of designing your own buildings while making the process feel less like micro management. It would also increase the speed at which a player can expand their village and explore the world, which I believe would be a great way to capitalize on the massive space offered. As far as the programming would go, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t believe this would be unmanageable. You could continue to treat the highlighted elements the same as individual elements being placed relative to the position of the first piece highlighted. That way the only new piece of information you’d really need to store with saved structures would be a few vectors and the rotations of the elements. If you feel like this could be abused to make expansion too quick and make building feel less intimate or the player less connected to the player, I don’t think that would really be a problem as long as you set a size limit on saved structures so that no one was copying and pasting entire towns or anything. Let me know what you think about this or if you have any questions about what I mean specifically. I know that I can sometimes be confusing when talking over the internet.


I completely agree, I posted a very similar suggestion a few hours ago so feel free to check it out and see if it’s what you mean: Quality of Life - Building Blueprints

I don’t think it could be abused, since why would anyone want to spam loads of pointless houses when they don’t have the resources to build them or people to inhabit them? But I agree that the maximum size should be limited to individual buildings; rather than an entire castle, for example, it should be the keep, wall towers, hall etc. separately. I like that idea.




Yes. I had this exact same idea. I commented a very simplified version on the QnA. I would love this feature ingame


Regarding the latest video update,

  • The “fence” building option, could appear only after the “town” is raided by other sapiens or animals.
    Some clever Sapien would think: “wouldn’t it be better if we have something surrounding us for protection?”.
    Some pop-up message would appear also, for example “Pona learned how to make a fence, for protection against outside invasions and stealing”.
    After the first fence is built, other Sapiens learn about that.
  • I think a cool concept would be that other Sapiens learn stuff after they have “seen” it, not after some other Sapien “thought” about it.
    So, only the Sapien that learned it would be able to make it first, like an inventor. That would give much more importance to the individual, I think.