Capacity limits setting/slider in Storage Area UI

One feature I would like to see implemented eventually (I realize the game is in early access stage right now), is to have a slider in the storage area UI that allows you to dictate a quantity to keep in stock. That way you can use the Routes feature to “deliver” a small amount of certain resources or food items to outpost area without delivering ALL your food or items to said location. This way you can have a central storage and processing area, and then setup routes to deliver supplies back out to remote gathering locations or homes. More of an advanced logistics process/mechanic for later game stages once you start expanding your tribes area of operations allowing them to spread out over larger areas since the distance to go back for food currently becomes a problem if trying to progress from a small tribe to a vast empire. This will likely also be something that becomes necessary once trading with other tribes (such as when multiplayer get implemented) or exploring the world once boats are introduced.