Censored Bad words


I hope Dave or milla do this as title it says Censored bad words since me I accidentally type a word that shouldn’t belong I hope there will be a censored like on blockheads forums I ask this because when Ambience get more active probably some of people/players will join on our forums and that we cannot avoid who want to cause or they accident say that in our community we cannot avoid that what’s inside on their courtesy and I know all forumers here are respected to each other :blush:
This for our happiness and peace community and let’s avoid bad words that we can type or say to each other it’s for this forums.


Wow, no filters. You’re right, they should be added.


Why tho


Probably when ambience forums get active a lot of players will join here or forumer will make or reply topics if this happened we should avoid the words or languages what they gonna be a type or else if they type bad there’s no filter it’s gonna be an inappropriate content of the sentence will they reply.

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I think the demographic is different from that of BH, that might be why.


Really no point doing this because people will always find a way around it. Also many false positives can be caught in the filters too. You can see a prime example of this failing in Clash of Clans.


Good point Craig, but The Blockheads forum site has a filter, so should that be removed? In my opinion, no. I’ve seen people try to swear on that forum, and it would get blocked by the filter. It’s really up to Dave on what he wants to do I guess, but I’d see the filter as a good thing.


Two different forums for two different games for two different demographics. Just because one forums has it doesnt mean the other needs to, and just because one doesnt doesnt mean the other forum should have its filter removed.

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Well, lots differences I hope no one gets to swear when ambience released and lots of players to sign up/log in ambience forums :slight_smile:

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I didn’t mean that the BH forums SHOULD remove it, my point was I think it’s a good thing. I can see why there’s no filter if we can use vulgar language, but can we? I’m a bit confused on that.

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No, it’s against the rules here too. I’d rather Milla spend her time on more important things than spend time copying over bad words from TBH forum… until it becomes a problem at least.

Please don’t use bad language, post sexual, political, or religious material. - FAQ


Thought so, I wasn’t implying I’d use bad language, I just felt like I was getting mixed signals on if it was allowed or not. Thanks.

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Yay milla already made filtering bad words :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yep it’s in it works!
(Note the following image is a deleted part of this post in my text editor. It is censored and is only to prove it. If this is not an okay way to do this than please PM me for post deletion! Thanks!)