So… I am new to the ambience forums… Don’t know much about the game either, but I have watched some videos on Youtube.

Will elevators be a part of the game? I saw that we can make houses and caveman stuff, but will there be a point where we will be able to make skyscrapers and trains and stuff? Idk if that might be too hard though.

Probably not in the initial game, but very likely in a mod.


Nobody knows yet… not even Dave! Take a look at this Twitter conversation. I’m not sure how well an elevator would fit in with the current structure, but the game is still so incredibly new that it could go anywhere.

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Well it is set in prehistoric times so… Maybe, Maybe not… :man_shrugging:

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Only at the beginning stages of the game

I guess so…

I suspect that, like most games, you will progress from prehistoric to modern. But I’m not sure you’ll be designing buildings, though - it’s my understanding that your caveman clan will make and use them more than you.

Maybe it could have an element like spore where your civilization evolves with you as you play and you can design the buildings and vehicles.