Clarification on the bumping rule?


From the FAQ:

When you post to a sunken thread without contributing to it in a meaningful way it is called bumping or dredging, depending on the age of the last post. This is not permitted on this bulletin board.

If your thread can not stay up on its own merits then it should sink. If you post to your own thread or anyone else’s after it sinks, without actually contributing, the assumption is that you are trying to artificially reheat your thread or are trying to increase your post count. […]

Am I allowed to bump an ancient thread if I have something interesting and relevant to say which contributes to the discussion?
Let’s take the screenshots thread as an example. If nobody posts screenshots there for a month or few, am I allowed to post my own interesting screenshot there?
Or let’s say I create a thread discussing a mod I created for Ambience, a few people reply, then nobody posts there for months, but I update the mod. Should I reply to my own thread with details of the update as I would if no time had passed? Or should I create a new thread for the update? Or should I not post about it at all?

I’m assuming this rule is enforced manually by a human rather than automatically by a robot, is that actually the case?



(I am willing to bet once alpha comes around, we will be getting many more threads (covering screenshots and plenty of other things), so it might make more sense to make your own, but for now one thread can easily contain the everything as far as I can tell…)

Yes, reply to your original thread, unless your mod has been updated so much that it is completely unrecognizable from the original, in which case you might want to just give it a new name and create a new thread.

Yep, Milla is the final authority whether a bump is allowed or not. In general, so long as you are contributing and it makes more sense to revive a thread than start a new one that just references the original, you will be fine replying to the original.


The rules set conditions. If it’s more than a month old new posts must contribute to the conversation in a meaningful way, or they will be considered as a dredge.

Bumping is posting for the purpose of bringing a thread to the top of the forum. This is never okay.

At this point I’m obviously not too worried about this because the threads are all relatively new, but I will be monitoring this down the line, as the board matures.

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