Does the game have a cost it will be? I’m not sure if this will be free, or cost some money like every other game? Either way I’m getting it.

If you don’t have one yet that’s fine. It’s not done yet.

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That’s a good question. I’m curious about that too.

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It will cost something up front, I’ve decided against the Free 2 Play model this time. I’m not at all sure on what that cost will be though, we’ll have to wait and see on that.


$30, $40,$50, $60, $75.

What do you mean?

If it is under $20/30 I would probably buy it… but if it’s more than that I’ll have to consider my studies and everything and maybe only buy it when I have time

It’ll most likely be around $20-30, I can’t imagine it being more, since it is not a game developed with a whole team working on it on a regular basis.

:exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head: I don’t think I would buy it unless it looks really fun after it releases or it is only a few dollars. (Although if Dave puts in on steam they usually have huge sales)

It’s time Dave made us pay for a game, rather than just IAPs… We all need to learn we can’t have everything for free. Again, tc piracy? That just proves my point. ._.


Crosses fingers for a clean $20


Dave doesn’t make us pay for any game.

But yeah I agree with you, the game should cost something. It is just that I wouldn’t pay very much , cause I already have Minecraft and barely enough time to play it.

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Yeah I don’t even have enough time to play the Blockheads for an hour, even spread out within a week. School and everything else. It’s a lot.


Me these where price suggestions.

Don’t care how much it cost… I AM BUYING THIS GAME!!!

thinks Gawd I am so immature

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Same m8, Blockheads is lit. This is gonna be too.

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I’ll buy it under, like, 40$ :joy:

I’m saving up for a 144hz monitor, initially for Geometry Dash, but now I’ll add this to the list of games I want to get on PC. Until then, the computers I have aren’t powerful enough to run basic Unity games :confused:

I believe Dave is trying to avoid Unity… if that’s the problem.

Unity isn’t very customizable so I’ve heard, but it is for these graphics if any. Maybe there’s more like this though.

No I’m saying if it can’t run Unity then it probably can’t run Ambience