Crafting Time

Is there will be a time when you crafting? Like crafting a bed for 20 seconds or there no will be a time like you have to just click it and what items you crafted will just give it to you when you click ’Craft’?

If there will be a time there will be like similar to blockheads?
Time crystal - fast crafting
Double-time - permanently doubles craft speed and halves rush cost for all crafting in all worlds.


It would really suck to have to purchase double time after spending 20 dollars on a game.


Ambience is shaping up to be very different from blockheads. I don’t think either TC or double time is a good idea.

Crafting time so far seems to be based around how long does it take your characters to transport the items to the build site - I like this mechanic as it makes optimizing where you stockpile resources important.


@Bibliophile is right. I’m not planning on having IAPs in the game, so if there is any crafting time, you won’t be able to speed it up by paying money. And at the moment as Bib said, it’s currently all about how long it takes to transport the required goods to the place they are needed.

Some things will probably end up taking a bit of time to craft too, but you’re likely to have a lot more people working for you than in Blockheads, so you shouldn’t have to wait around much.


Ohh Thanks! Now I understand.

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