Crow & scarecrow

Crow: Can steal some fruits and vegetable. And when you kill crow they will drop crow meat and feathers like Dodos.

Scarecrow: To repulse crow that steals from your fruits in farm
Recipes: 3sticks, 5wheats, 1carrot, 5 any seeds. Include here this recipe. T-shirt, short, and hat. It’s to make your scarecrow looks like the shape of humans.

Maybe they can steal shiny things like metals, if this happens?

Nah, why crow needs to steal tho they don’t need metal or any items that not food. Crows are like bandits they have a strategy to steal foods but they don’t attack when there’s a player or scarecrow when they see it.

Interesting idea, I was thinking of crows too once. Maybe they spawn at a corn plant?

Yeah maybe but they live agriculturally land and grassland that were foods came from or maybe all trees and vegetable can plant. I’m gonna suggest more :wink:

They usually take things from people though, so I was just wondering.

Yeah theres possible they stole items from you but it will be harsh and make you angry when crow did so I expecting they only ability to steal corns or other foods from trees.

There should be a nest too for crows I searched they live on trees near to agricultural land and grassland or maybe they could just stand there like dropbear and wait until they steal your foods. :wink: