Development Update #4 - Limp

Kia ora! This is the first weekly update in 5 weeks. I know. Sorry! I went on a big surfing holiday in Indonesia, and when I go away, everything stops. But I’m back to work now, and I’ve made some good progress this week.

My main focus this week has been on the interface for ordering your fellas around. It’s still very much a work in progress, but it’s heading in the right direction now.

I’ve also been working on improving the model for the caveman. It’s not done yet, and in fact he seems to have developed a slight limp. But I should have that sorted out next week. See you then :)

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Is ambience dancing too? Or they just need to learn some walking too…

That would be cool if you had to teach babies how to walk… and eventually you could teach the guys how to teach other babies — and it doesn’t have to be just walking that they teach each other. It can be anything that they learn.

The caveman are trying to do the floss but can’t seem to execute it right.

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Skiing maybe? I remember a bug exactly like this while I was making Blockheads too. It must be some kind of rite of passage.


I’m glad to see frontpage1 go on a holiday! Wow, technology has advanced a lot recently. :smiley:


Thanks! Yes bots need holidays too.


The bouncing caveman got me good, I love it! :joy::joy::joy:

please keep it that way

Well done dave!

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Sorry for being super late :pensive:. Wouldn’t them learning require some serious AI? Or maybe a ton of lines of code on all the scenarios of learning. Idk.