Diplomacy stuff

This may be a bit of an open door, but raids, defenses, trade and migration should be a thing.

Raids could be really simple, tribes can start wars, and when at war tribesmen can attack other tribesmen (perhaps even tamed animals), steal resources, and maybe even destroy structures(except for the structures, I am describing war during the tribal stage in Spore, now that I think about it).

Trade could work similar to the civilization franchise; there’s an UI wich displays what both sides have to offer, you can select what you want to give them and what you want them to give you, and once you have a deal the AI (or another player) agrees with, you can click ‘accept deal’. Once you click, a few tribesmen will start carrying the traded goods over, possibly accompanied by a few warriors as escort.
Maybe gold will be unlocked somewhere in the game, wich allows fair trading, even though the other party doesn’t have anything you’re interested in.

Migrating with the whole tribe is already possible in the current game (for as far as I know), you can just abandon your stuff, order your people to walk somewhere else (perhaps carrying resources) and settle down somewhere else.
But what I mean by migration is lone people (or even people of other tribes) can join up with other tribes.

Nomad type NPC tribes would be cool. They could just show up randomly and trade, join your tribe, go to war, etc.

Would add more to do in SP, could also give players a reason to team up to defeat an aggressive nomad tribe, for example.

Yes, war alliances would be a cool thing to see in the game.

I think stuff like fighting and trading will come anyways. It’s so fundamental to human behavior that you can’t really go without it. But I think it’s too early to know where it is going. Especially since Dave just goes along without having any real plan on what to implement.

But something spore like would certainly be fitting.

to respond to your trade suggestion i think it would be cool if you could choose to have different trade functions. i suggest that if you were to do trade it would be through the town system Griff suggested in Government / Factions, so if you haven’t read that yet you should it’s a really cool idea. so i think that it would be a function in his system to have “restricted” or “open” trade option. if it was set to open trade your tribesmen would naturally trade with bordering towns or tribes and the range of the natural trade would develop alongside travel technology such as boats and horses, but this range suggestion doesn’t need to exist if it is not possible. for restricted trade mode it would be the kind of trade you suggested where you make trade deals with towns or tribes. i don’t know how possible this ides is, or even Griffs government system involving town centers and such is, so this is just a hypothetical.

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I think that a lot of this stuff will probably end up being naturally done without the player needing to sign off on it. At some point, when civilizations are large enough, trade will have to be done without the player micromanaging it. Wars will also likely erupt organically with the player being able to respond to new threats with various forms of diplomacy. I would imagine that the player should be able to set some sort of societal policy about war and trade. If a player wants to never fight anyone, they could let their Sapiens know that, but if a player is a warmonger, maybe they could let their Sapiens freely take advantage of weaker neighboring societies.

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