I am new to the forum here but from what I have seen ambience looks like the next big hit game. I bet it will he even more popular than Minecraft! But I was wondering if there would be multiple tribes in the world. Then you could have diplomacy, trade with the other tribes for their resources and technology, or start a war to become the dominant tribe of the planet. You could impose tariffs and make a trade war with China. Lol jk. But multiplayer could be a thing, and for single player worlds you could choose the amount of opposing tribes. I know this game is still in very early development, just some ideas because I want to be a game developer someday.

Edit: When you enter the atomic age you could enter nuclear warfare with other tribes, also many a territory element.


Yes! I would love for it to be like this.

More like a real-world Polytopia.

You play Polytopia? I love that game.

Very very doubtful. That would be awesome, but I doubt any game is going to get more popular than Minecraft for a long, long time. If it will become more popular than TBH, it would be a very successful game.

That is a pretty cool idea!


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