Early testers for Sapiens

I didn’t know where to post this so hopefully this is ok. I am wanting to sign up to be an early tester for Sapiens.

I believe he plans to choose from people who are active in the comunity, if I remember correctly

Yep, the best way to increase your chances of being an early tester is to join Discord since that’s where most of the progress updates are being posted :slight_smile: https://discord.gg/GXCNJmY

Oh :confused: I thought the forums was the way to go xD
Are the suggestions being read at least? Or should everyone just move to discord instead?

The forum is also a good place to be, but most of the discussion is happening on Discord. The forum will be way more important once the game is actually out to testers (at least for testers) and out in general (for everyone)

I feel pretty safe in saying that Dave reads everything in the forum, and it is the best place for longer, more thought out suggestions, but there’s a lot more interactivity on Discord.


Thank you for explaining!

Yep, sorry I don’t tend to post much on here, I should get more involved, but I do read everything :slight_smile: