First Person Option


Hey there, I was thinking that a good option for the player to have is a first person option, which they can toggle on or off if they wish. This will allow players to feel immersed into the world and could potentially bring more people to the game that are not fans of the third person feel. If anyone has anything to add to this that would be great.
Thank You!


From whose perspective? You are in first person, as yourself, so to speak, so I’m guessing you mean you’re suggesting being able to toggle between your tribesmen?


Hello milla, good point. By “First Person” I just meant that you could toggle so that your “character” experiences gravity and possibly hunger and thirst. Whether that is toggling between your tribesmen or your P.O.V. becoming its own character when you toggle to First Person, either way I believe could work, but my intention was for the latter. Thank you for the response!


The thing is, you can’t control your tribesmen directly. You can set tasks, but once you do you’d just be a passenger. I think it would be counter-intuitive in a game, to have FPP for a particular tribesman, but not be able to steer him or her.


I agree, being an actual person and walking around with your tribe, learning the same skills - rather than being a floating spirit - would be much more immersive for such a beautiful world.


I see, but what are your thoughts on the addition of a First Person Toggle, or grounded P.O.V. for YOUR character? That being that you set tasks for your tribesmen and can create/craft items all the same as when you set tasks as a “floating” entity, but rather you can be your own person who experiences gravity, hunger, thirst. Your character could maybe be “in charge” or the leader of the colony, but if you want to you can toggle to a “floating” view as well.


From what I’ve read it seems that there will be no first person/direct interaction with the world, since everything will be done through the sapiens. There also doesn’t seem to be any plans to create a spectator view from the perspective of a tribesman, although that’s where the modding community will come in hopefully. However there might be a follow-cam that attaches to a specific tribesman, although this seems to be from a third-person perspective.

I found this out in the Discord, feel free to join!


Thank you EmperorFelony. I would really like a First Person toggle, even if you are not interacting with the world as a tribesmen, but rather to see the world from the tribesmen point of view. However, I respect the creators views of the game and knowledge on what would work and feel best. With or without this addition the game looks really interesting and I will definitely check it out.


That’s not the intent. Dave has arrived at it being like a god game, though the Sapiens are not aware of you at all.


Ok, thank you for your time milla. I understand and respect Dave’s vision of the game. I just thought it would be an interesting addition that could bring in more players and immerse the players. Thanks again for your time.


I agree.