(This is an expansion on the Fishing Rod suggestion at /t/fishing-rod/240)

The suggestion is a Fishing Skill that you can get relatively early in the game.

The skill can have several progressions/forms:

  1. Spear fishing. Requires a way of sharpening sticks.
  2. Fishing with rods. Requires thread and some finer ability to whittle wood or work with metal to make the hook. It’d be cool if you could make bad hooks with wood and better hooks with metal.
  3. Fishing with nets. This requires weaving and maybe harvesting wool from sheep (which I think was suggested elsewhere).

This calls for the addition of fish into the game. I can think of two ways to do so:

  1. Make individual fish in pools of water. Then there’s some sort of collision detection for fishing, and the fish can reproduce to force you to not overharvest them. This would obviously be a lot more work than #2 but would be pretty cool.
  2. Fishing locations with fish as “resources”, like in Runescape. Then you get some sort of “fish per minute” when at a fishing location or something like that. A lot easier to implement, not quite as satisfying though.
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What about different types of bait?


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That’s what I found (

  • Spearfishing is at least 16000 Years old.
  • fishing hooks were first used between 7500 to 3000 years ago. (But not with the rod, only the string if I understood correctly)
  • Ancient Egypt used nets for fishing. Fishing rod have a similar age.

Other Ideas:

  • plant toxins to numb the fish
  • making stone walls in small streams to prevent the fishes from escaping to far.
  • Stunning fishes with throwing large Rocks into the water.

But my additional ideas are more suitable for small water sources like streams and ponds.


Wow there are some great ideas. I was also thinking that with net fishing you could either have someone there fishing. Or you could tie the net down and make traps for the fish. It catches less and there is a small chance they might escape but you dont have to have someone sitting there for hours

Don’t forget that, in the beggining, people must have tried to catch fish by hand