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I think you should move ambience to a better forum software.
Xenforo is pricey and Mybb is free.

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Discourse is fantastic, much better than anything else I have seen anywhere, and I have no desire to move to anything else!


Alrighty, that is fine.
But also, Mybb has more features. :yum:

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Cool, sorry I didn’t mean to be rude, I’m just quite attached to Discourse :slight_smile: Are there any features in particular you were looking for? You might find you start to like Discourse more once you get used to it, it’s a little different to many of the more traditional forum platforms.


Followers and Avatar Gifs.

I really need more post count daily


I’m particularly liking this forum setup. It seems to give the admins quite some leeway on how things are put together and the trust they can put in different users. It’s much less a game than some of the forums out there.
If I were to set up a forum this would be a prime choice of formats.

edit: And if you think about it this really is a VERY meta topic. A form topic on what kind of forum to use…


No please why. These are nothing but annoying. It is a setting that can be enabled in Discourse… but why.

I don’t understand the point of this… Nor do the creators of Discourse.

As for needing more posts, nah, post count means nothing.


I’ve tested the website out with Linux stuff, which I can hardly remember. I do remember almost every feature, so I agree that Discourse is attachable, that it also being fantastic. :slight_smile:


I am setting IIS up to self-host Discourse!


Nice! If you need any help with how it works, I might be able to help. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Erm do you know UBUNTU VPS @devyn


Some stuff about Ubuntu, yeah. We’ll see. :slight_smile:


Message me sir.


Ohhh noooo please. Flashing gifs that restart every half-second are annnoyyyingggg.


Not to mention that they can lag lower-end devices, which I don’t find particularity great…


I’m just going to throw it in here that I like how Discourse keeps the focus on what’s being said. So posts are just that, posts, with a few control options and a name and avatar for reference, but posts are pretty much just posts. No big flashy signatures that take up more space than the post itself, etc.


For some reason, ESET is blocking the forums.

Any idea why? ESET doesn’t state a reason.


Without an error there’s no way to know. You might want to check out the official Discourse bulletin board. If it’s not been reported, do so and they might be able to help.