Forums to close down

Hi anyone who is still around.

Sapiens has had a very successful launch with loads of people playing, but none of them are coming here!

I’m surprised at just how dead these forums are. But I think it’s simply because communities for Sapiens have become well established on the Discord, and on the Steam discussions page. First party game forums like this one just don’t seem to be much of a thing anymore.

These forums do take some maintenance work for me though, and given how extremely busy I am just working on the game, as well as interacting with the community elsewhere, it doesn’t make any sense for me to maintain these forums with such a small community presence here.

So I have made the decision to close down these forums at this point. I’ll leave comments on this thread open for a short while, but I will be locking other sections of the forums, and plan to shut them down completely within the next couple of months.

Please join us on the Discord via this invite link:


Wow! I did not see that coming!

I guess I shouldn’t be entirely surprised though. Discord has been slowly killing forums for the past couple of years.

Will you also be shutting down the forum for The Blockheads? It’s practically a ghost town.

And I’ve probably asked this before, but will Milla be returning?

Thanks in advance! :grinning:


That’s a plot twist. Well in that case… any chance I can have my discord server ban appealed?

Awww, its sad to see the forums go away.

Wait, what will happen with reporting bugs now?

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You’ll probably have to start reporting bugs through Discord.

You can report bugs via the in-game button, and if you supply your email I can get back to you, or yep, just ping me on discord.


Speaking of the in-game report button, any way you could make the text boxes accept arrow input and allow you to move the cursor? Hate wanting to change something and having to delete everything before that point XD

Aw, too bad to hear that.

sad to see yet another forum go :frowning: Discord cant replace a forum, if you searching for help

It can replace a forum. The Sapiens Discord server has demonstrated that very well.

@firestar9991, read this topic. There’s a reason why you’re unable to post anything.

@firestar9991 I guess you were the last post

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Hope to get Sapiens soon! Thanks for running the forum.

@Brer-Rabbit, you might want to check the other forum.

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Thanks, I did see that cloud announcement.

Ah, okay then.

Is there an opportunity to appeal bans for the discord server? If so, who should I message?

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The big man himself

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