Frame of the game

I understand the game is supposed to be sandbox/survival, so like polygon Minecraft. I’m wondering how the game itself will operate outside of that, however. Keep in mind I’m assuming all these things will be in the game:

  • Inventory
  • Backpacks for extra storage
  • Hunger bars, water bars, health, etc
  • Some sort of mobs
  • Plants
  • Shelter
  • Physics
  • Crafting
  • Building
  • Items such as: Axe, Pickax, Shovel, Torch, Basic Food

What else will there be? Is it freeworld, or maybe a plot? Will there be extra lore, or magic incorporated? Thanks :slight_smile:
(I’m joining from a VPN if you’re wondering how I’m here since I can’t access Ambience normally)

Yep, you need to look over this game and rethink your assumptions.
The above thread was for the same purpose, fyi.