Would this include a “creative” mode like Minecraft where you’d be able to spawn things in and mess with settings? If so, that’d me great! Maybe another alternative would be to leave the LUA window available in that mode.


I think it would be actually really cool if the only way to make a breathtaking city would be with the effort required to do it. I may be in the minority here, as I also am not a huge fan of free trade portals (with the exception of setting up a world) (and a few others, as I recognize others have done amazing things with them), but I really like the whole idea of having no shortcuts - everyone’s going to have to generally do the same thing to achieve the same results.

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The reason I ask is because sometimes I have a world that I use just to admire scenery. Especially with this game, the scenery is absolutely fantastic.

As I’m definitely making it very easy to write powerful mods for Ambience, you can pretty much guarantee that even if I don’t make a creative mode, somebody else will, and there’s not much I can do about that even if I wanted to!

So much like Blockheads, if you like the challenge of playing the vanilla game that’s great, but there will be options for playing in many other ways too.


Waiting for that post Ambience 1.0 moment when someone makes a mod creator

That would be cool

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Nothing beats a game that easily moddable. One of the main reasons I love dwarf fortress is because of how easy it is to mod.

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Hmmm… maybe don’t call it creative though. I think that might be copyrighted by mojang. Sandbox would work though!

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I’m pretty sure you can’t copyright real English words.

Why is everyone comparing this game to Minecraft? They are nothing alike!!


You can copyright words in terms of the definition. You cant copyright the word itself. As far as I can tell, Creative Mode isnt copyrighted.