Gathering and Farming

As well as hunting and fishing, sapiens should embrace gathering food and farming (animals and vegetables)

  • There should be good and bad berries, that would cause damage to the health
  • Fruits in trees
  • Mushrooms
  • Roots (carrots, beetroots…)

As for gathering,

  • Making fences, for some kind of enclosure on animals (sapiens should be able to direct animals by walking behind them or, in the chicken case, by grabbing them)
  • Chickens, they should start as aggressive animals in the wild, perhaps brown or black colored, that would bite back when grabbed. Only after you put them in a fence would they become tame. Eventually they would lay eggs.
  • You could have different animals that, when in an inclosure, would become tame (and not bite back): boar→pig, cow (which would provide milk, a mean for heavy lifting…), Wolf → dog, Rabbit, Duck (eggs), goat → sheep (which would provide Wool for clothing, and milk), wild horse → horse (which would provide a mean of Faster transportation, as well as meat)