Government / Factions

I think a fantastic dimension to add to the game would be some sort of government system.

Now I don’t think in anyway the game should be focused around it, but I think it would be a fantastic layer of depth for mid-late game (even if it was lightly touched on). Maybe having the ability to set the type of government, social programs and maybe ethics etc…
(Kind of like Stellaris’s government system)

Perhaps in early-mid game the beginning of this system starts by building a town hall, where you could have the ability to do some of the following:

  • Citizen management
  • Public works projects
  • Taxes for social programs
  • Set town boundaries
  • Immigration system (granting citizenship to nomads)
    (Kind of like how Banished did it but expanded)

It would be cool if such a system was set up to be revealed only once the player has made enough progress for their game to deserve it, e.g. when the player reaches a group size of over 50 people, or when capitalism is established in the agricultural revolution, and especially when the npc tribes grow equally large and start influencing the player’s development with immigration, economic opportunities and raids/conflict

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Oooh I love that and totally agree! With this, towns can eventually become autonomous after a while (instead of rendering out individual people and tasks, the town becomes an entity that has inputs and outputs resources and is either efficiently governed or not).

Also knowing that there’s a skill system, having an equivalent system for polices as time goes on to shape if you want a more anarchist/capitalistic/socialist/authoritarian system would be really neat.


A town/city that becomes more industrial/autonomous with time would be neat to see, kinda like Spore, but not quite as autonomous/industrial as Spore (keep truer to the style of the game).

We should definitely have governments, but they should evolve trough the ages kind of like civilization 6 does it. It makes it more realistic since types of governments over society’s have been and are always changing. It would also be cool if the game went into the future and we would have like technocracy’s or something.

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