Have different biomes been added apart from the forest biome?

Have there been any other types of environments or biomes been added, if so, what are they, if not, how will they be added. Will they just be put in randomly, will they be separated from other biomes by water or the sea and how will being in a different biomes affect the game?
It would be really cool to have your tribe venture out into a harsher environment like a desert, tundra, ice lake or mountains. If this is being planned on, I think it would be a good idea to have your tribe spawn in the forest area and then reward players for having them venture out into dangerous places.
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He spent a while on a climate generator. Watch Devblog 11 and 12. There is a simplified version of that in the current engine.


If i remember right. He said that there will be other biomes realistically placed in the world. Ex: deserts by the equator, snow and cold weather the closer you get to the poles.

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And temperate biomes in between.