High Poly Low Poly toggle

Dave recently improved the graphics to look more realsitic, how about it being made into a toggleable setting? High Poly or Low Poly Graphics, basically HD or Classic textures in Blockheads, but the Ambience equivalent. :grin:

Iโ€™m not sure this is feasible - it would basically mean writing two renderers. The game has to do stitching in order to make 3d shapes in the world where in blockheads the HD textures are basically just two different tilesets (with HD having double the pixels in each direction)

It would be cool to see how much the rendering process can be modified by mods.


@Bibliophile is right, itโ€™s not really something I can do well unfortunately, without doubling up on a lot of work.

Mods definitely do have a lot of potential to change the look though, probably even to the extent that a flat shaded low poly mod could be made. It might not look perfect but it could be good enough, I guess weโ€™ll have to wait and see!