How can we jump onboard


How can I help test this game. Really enjoyed playing around with Blockheads, and can see this being just as good or even better.


Testing hasn’t begun yet, but when I do start to recruit testers, I’ll be posting here in the forums. So just come back and visit now and then or set up your email notifications and you should see when it’s time. Glad you’re keen to test :slight_smile:


cool I’ll be keeping up with all the news and updates :slight_smile:


Cool! I’m also eager to see if I can do anything with testing as well! I’ll make sure to keep up with the news!


I was thinking I could be on of the more moderate computer testers. Of course you want different quality computers testing the game to see how it runs! I’m excited for the testing stage, good luck with everything until then!


Is there any date seen where testing might start?


Not yet, though it should happen this year…

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Happy New Year everyone. My New Years resolution is to release an alpha of Sapiens to testers before the year ends.