How can we jump onboard

Hi Dave,just seen your vid of game on youtube,im very much liking the concept of your game and wishing you a great success with it,if you need a tester like so many, i would be pleased to help out. Thankyou for your time.

Sapiens is looking really promising! can’t wait for the first release keep up the great work, I’d like to see more different biomes, I imagine this would impact the performance a fair bit though. I’d be more than happy to test when it came time :star_struck: I’ll continue watching Sapiens progress eagerly.

Count me in for testing!

If I get picked for testing then I will do my best at pushing the game to its limits and seeing if there are any gaping holes in the code.

Also, it might be tricky, but I will try to be neutral and unbiased when it comes to the overall vision/direction.

For example, I may think and/or hope that something should work a certain way based on my preconceived notions , so if it does not then I will need to remember that it is not necessarily a bug by default.


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Awesome, I am so excited to Test this game out!

Psst, you should pick all the top new users of the month who are still active on the fourms to decide

If I understand it correctly, the main conversation at the moment is on discord. But I’m not on there. So I don’t actually know.

whats the discord join link?

Yes it is actually there. Definitely more discussions and suggestions on this game aswell as off-topic things. You should definitely join it

I might in a few months. At the moment I still live with my parents. And until I leave I won’t start with discord, teamspeak and so on. My bedroom is pretty poorly sound-proofed.

You dont need to speak on discord. Most of the discussion is actually held via chat. Just like in the forum. Though there are speaking channels, they arent really used. I havent used them ever since I joind this wonderful community. Just come and join us. We like to see new members there aswell.

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Okay, thanks. I didn’t know that.

I don’t really pay attention to the Discord much because I can’t keep up with all of the users there :slight_smile: there are too many messages for me to sift through

agreed, I way prefer just stopping by the forums now and then checking up on the things I’ve missed


Hey if you need a Translator from English to German, Just let me know because I’d be down to contribute in any way possible

Actually there is already a topic about this. And so far two people volunteered to translate from English to German(me including) but there hasn’t been any response from Dave yet, as far as I saw it.

Well hopefully if he ever does need us as translators, we could all work together to ease the work load and speed up the process ^^

Ready for testing & reporting back. And translating to danish. Also I’m a gamer and a dev (c#, js, nodejs, next.js, react)