How Does Dave Create The Executables?

Hey, I was wondering how exactly Dave creates the executable files for Mac and Windows. I eventually want to create games of my own using Lua so I was wondering if anyone knew how he did this. What development tool(s) does he use? Unity or something? I would just like to know how it would be possible to create an executable file for Mac & Windows from a raw .lua file. Any help is appreciated!

Also wonderful job with Ambience! It’s such an amazing and beautiful game so far, it’s great! I only have good things to say about the game! Keep up the awesome work!!

I was actually wondering this myself… I know he uses Blender for the object modeling, and he uses Lua / C for the actual coding, but I don’t know how that all works.

You have the wrong idea here - The game engine is written in C++ and Lua is used for the UI. His C++ code grabs the lua and runs it without needing to create an executable first.

That said, if you want to create an executable from a lua script, check out srlua:

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Ahh! Okay, thank you!