How testing is done


I’ve never been a Game Tester before, but shouldn’t this be how games are tested in general? :wink:

And what I know of the redstone-community of Minecraft, sometimes the small bugs or not intended features might be the most fun part. So always ironing out every bug (I know it’s not possible) does not necessarily make the most fun game.

How can we jump onboard

Some developers prefer to test the game themselves but I definitely agree with you

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I split this discussion into its own thread, as it’s not part of the volunteering topic.

Testing is conducted in a number of ways, depending on the title, the IP ownership/type, the developer, the publisher, and more. Most studios if size will conduct all their business behind closed doors, using only professional QA testers, who, along with the rest of the team, are under NDA. Dave is a one man shop, and he likes to be transparent and include his community in the process. This is very unusual. It also allows him to do all his testing within the community.


For me,i would try to do random stuffs and try to break stuffs.It it breaks or does not work it was intended to,I will make a report on it.

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Do you know the YouTube channel “GrayStillPlays”. He plays a lot of games for a short while and exactly uses your approach. I kind of wonder though, if this is even possible with sapiens. This game looks very solide. Yes I know there are always weird stuff you could try but I can not think of a single one atm.


The complexity that comes with more content and features will take care of that lack. Right now the game isn’t really a game at all. It’s an engine, with mechanics going into it.


True, I know it’s not a game jet. But even game engines can be brought to their limits. Like if you have a skyscraper simulator you can build a thousand floors or something like that. But sapiens kind of isn’t limited in any way I can think of. Or is is engine not capable of building an entire city? As far as I know his love for optimizing performance it should not be a problem.


David can test stuff like that as he works. Any testing we do in the future with you guys will certainly include load issues, but mainly it will be looking for exploitable glitches, game-breakers, and malfunctions. He will have an idea of what the game can do before we even start, though host performance is one thing we will need client numbers to test.

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Sorry,no…I don’t know GarystillPlays…
I just think of what if I (do this) and see what happens.
Recreation and information about the bug is important in my opinion.