Human wandering cycle

I noticed that the humans look a bit stiff when they’re not doing any actions. Is there any sort of action that they could do when they’re not being used to make the world come alive a bit more? Maybe they could wander around in a certain (small) radius of where you told them to stand, so you’re not babysitting them but they still appear to have minds of their own? I know creating AI is no easy task, so maybe the effort required is more than it’s worth, but I still feel like it’d be a nice touch.


It would be nice when you have a bunch of huts that they go in and out and visit other huts. Not that they would never sit still, but some would be walking down the gravel road into their friends’ house, holding a steaming pie in their hand…

Or maybe I got a little too imaginative with that.


I like how Blockheads are animated to tilt their heads while standing still. I think even that simple addition adds an element of apparent life, like they’re awaiting your next command. Perhaps something similar would be a nice addition. Maybe a series of varying movements, as to not look repetitive.


This isn’t AI. Not even close. Just a bunch of IF statements with a random selector, a loop and a timer.

Love this suggestion, and think this makes total sense in this game. If the goal is to kind of emulate human development, humans / sapiens should behave similarly. While this is, of course, impossible as of this moment in time, “behaviors” could be programmed to make it more alive.
Also, these actions could/should result in personal development, not only as an animation, but as a part of said sapien life.

  • Lie down on the floor and just wonder at the sky with arms under the head. (Rest and gain energy)
  • Go find another sapien working close by and help (more likely to happen if it is something this particular sapien had experience on) or watch, learning the process in the while
  • Walk around a small radius (as someone suggested already)
  • Sit down cross legged and do some music with hands (learning music)
  • Stand in group with other idle sapiens close by and appear to chat, waving hands (gaining social skill)
  • Work on the personal tool of choice, to make it better (if someone has a blade, hone it. If the tool is a spear, sharpen it with some closeby stone. Sharpen a stone.)
  • When instruments exist, practice playing
  • Whistle (gaining music skill)
  • Yawn
  • Look in the distance, with one hand shading the sun (gain awareness of the surroundings)
  • Look for details either on the floor or a tree nearby (gain intelligence)
  • Walk in and out of buildings nearby
  • Fetch a fruit from the ground / tree / storage nearby and eat (healing on the process)
  • Go sleep (gaining energy)
  • If it is a child, run around and play with other children nearby
  • If it is a child, go to the nearest working sapien and learn from them

Ultimately, I think these idle actions are a great opportunity to add something very unique and useful in this game. When the tribe gets more complex, the player will not want to cater to each individual need. So, the sapien should do it on it’s own.


— When walking for long distances,

  • Pass one hand against the bark of a tree or the leaves in a bush
  • Kids could skip around sometimes instead of walking

— Kids could run after small animals, like chicken, scaring them around
— If there are pet animals, just interacting with them (petting…)

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I love this idea.

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More ideas:

  • Man: scratch the beard
  • Woman: comb hair with fingers; play with hair, like making curls with a single finger
  • “Hum” a tune --> singing (when singing, it could bring other closeby idle sapiens to gather around and they would nod and look at each other. When singing is over they could compliment the singer and each other and go away slowly)
  • Cough and sneeze (is there a nicer way to spread diseases? XD)
  • the ocasional burp
  • Just looking around
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Some diseases spread by reproduction. And reproduction is pretty nice.

Other diseases spread if there is bad hygiene and if there are certain animals around (rats, mosquitoes and ticks). But this isn’t that nice.

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