Human wandering cycle


I noticed that the humans look a bit stiff when they’re not doing any actions. Is there any sort of action that they could do when they’re not being used to make the world come alive a bit more? Maybe they could wander around in a certain (small) radius of where you told them to stand, so you’re not babysitting them but they still appear to have minds of their own? I know creating AI is no easy task, so maybe the effort required is more than it’s worth, but I still feel like it’d be a nice touch.


It would be nice when you have a bunch of huts that they go in and out and visit other huts. Not that they would never sit still, but some would be walking down the gravel road into their friends’ house, holding a steaming pie in their hand…

Or maybe I got a little too imaginative with that.


I like how Blockheads are animated to tilt their heads while standing still. I think even that simple addition adds an element of apparent life, like they’re awaiting your next command. Perhaps something similar would be a nice addition. Maybe a series of varying movements, as to not look repetitive.


This isn’t AI. Not even close. Just a bunch of IF statements with a random selector, a loop and a timer.