Idea for the hunting process:

  • Start with only running around and trying to grab to hunt (obviously suited only for small animals)

  • Then they would learn “tools”. It would begin with throwing rocks » evolving to making a slingshot-type of weapon out of branches and peel from big logs / spear (maybe not so useful for hunting chicken, being so small) / bow and arrow
    … Also to notice, bigger animals (like boar>pig / deer) would not be hunted by throwing stones, so players need to evolve in making new tools for hunting those bigger animals

  • Then they could develop traps, and leave them for some time and chickens / other animals would end up there


Don’t forget the animals should run after they notice someone trying to hunt them. Like for example chickens when you throw a rock / spear at them, should run away like crazy, and better if not in a linear path.

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