Ideas for Multiplayer/Gameplay

I got an idea for future Multiplayer gameplay that hopefully could be fun! So players spawn with their tribe at a random location around the globe and the players don’t know were on earth they are. The players migrate as nomads to a place where they want to settle and start a civilization, maybe som places are more promising than others. During the migration age technology develops on maybe some sort of tech tree kind thing and when sophisticated agriculture is discovered the players are allowed to settle, develop culture, religion, currency, language and become a society. When boats or caravans are discovered in the age of civilizations trade becomes a thing, so players start to explore their surroundings in hope for someone to share knowledge and trade with. Players find players and start to get a hint of where they are on the planet. That leads to alliances and or war witch will be to someones benefit and an others death. In this way hopefully you can simulate different parts of history in a fun and competitive way, these to ages could be the to first for example, i am referring to the migration from Africa and the first civilizations in the middle east like ancient Egypt and Babylon. At the same time as having great and deep gameplay you will learn about and experience how different parts of history came to be, it would hopefully be a fun learning experience with your friends! Do you think this is a good idea? Can this work with a few amount of players? Any flaws with this idea or other suggestions that would fit in here? Anyone?


The biggest flaw that comes to mind is the size of the map. Since it’s close to the size of earth, it will take quite a long time to develop.
There is also the problem, that you need quite a lot of content to go through all those civilization stages. I doubt there will be enough time to build that all up until the release.

But if you love long gameplay and with modding this could certainly be a fun experience.


I think this on some scale can work if you give hints of were players could be. For example smoke from fires, it could indicate a campfire or a forest fire. Or things like that so you actually find players. But just searching over the entire planet without guidelines would be hell.


Smoke from fires is not that good of an indication, unless it goes all the way up into space. I would prefer it, if they would all start on the same continent or something (like a few 100km apart from each other). Then it takes a while until they find each other, but it’s not like 10 years. Unless later inventions of the tech tree allow for fast long distance travel.

And by the way, I just noticed we are from the same country. At least the Americans think so :wink:

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I agree they could start relatively close to each other in Africa (to simulate the migration of Sapiens from Africa to all over the planet) And then expand outwards. But most tribes and civilizations were isolated before boats were invented and horses or camels were tamed so i agree with you. But smoke would still be good since if you were close to a undiscovered settlement you would not just walk right past it.

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There is no Africa on this map (Though mods could change that).
And I’m not sure if there were any civilizations before the boats were invented. Boats are a very old invention. And from Europa to China the world was quite connected, even a bit into Africa. Just look up “silk road”. And you kind of need to have a good transportation-network to build a civilization. Or else you can’t send your military to enforce your law and taxes.

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He removed the earth map? One of his devlogs on Youtube shows the world and it has all the right continents and stuff.

I’m pretty sure also that boats were invented before civilization.

But with boats i mean more longer distance boats like trade ships along rivers . Those bigger boats were most likely invented to transport goods between longer distances between different settlements along coasts and rivers.

But there can be canoes before that.
If you take ancient Egypt for an example pretty much every settlement was on the Nile and i think for the most part only used transport ships to travel between the settlements.

The Egyptians also used their boats with trade along the coast of the Levant region in the middle east and to Crete and mainland Greece.

You took China as an example they also used all the rivers for transportation on the Yangtze for example to transport their goods. The silk road developed for trade across continents Europe and Asia. But for Law and tax enforcement i think the early civilization mostly used rivers and of course some roads but pretty much everyone lived on the larger rivers and the coast and therefore boats were mostly used.

I just want to show that boats were in the early stages worked as transportation and roads weren’t the biggest thing until a bit later.


As far as I understood it, the earth like map was just to get the climate simulator running. Even though I’m pretty sure, I could also be wrong.

With boats you can move goods more efficient compared to roads. That’s true for the ancient civilizations as well as today.

I think the biggest problem I have with your comment is, that I don’t know what you mean with civilization. Is it just a tribe or is it an empire? The feeling I get from your first comment is that you want to recreate the entire human history and every player creates his own empire. Even though it would be awesome, it would also be too taxing for the computer. It would also take quite a long time in real time to build such a thing. But that wouldn’t be a problem in itself. You just need a very solide engine to go with the gameplay. Not sure if it’s possible or at least if it was ever done before.

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I mean more of the early empires you could say.

Also the current description of the game says “create a civilization” and “Evolve your primitive hunter gatherers through thousands of years of technological advancement. Feed, protect and grow your tribe, build towns and industry, and advance through the ages” (From the steam page)

So from that point of view thousands of years is pretty much entire human history from prehistoric times to now. And i have a hard time to see that you will only have a tribe of a few thousand in the year 2000.

But i agree that will be hard for an engine to do but thats what the game discription says FOR NOW what the game aims to be.


Fair point. Hope he can actually pull through.


Me too, would love to see this in reality!

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Reminds me of One Hour One Life.

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What reminds you of One Hour One Life? By the way that game has a really unique concept.

Oh ya so true. We do get annoyed do we when the Americans mix us upp right? Still European brothers though :sweden: :heart::switzerland: :heart: :eu:

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I think that the only tech advancements allowed before you unlock agriculture should be thugs nomads would use such as better firestarters or an improved spear. Then along with the agriculture comes more permanent housing and religion (creates more unity) and different aspects of your culture. That way it could simulate how settling down to plant crops influenced how much time people had to do stuff other than cook or hunt.


Yes that’s completely true, progress was extremely slow before people could specialize as a result of the agricultural revolution and i think this game should simulate that part of human history accurately.

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I don’t care. I don’t know the states of America as well. And I don’t even know some of the east-European countries (probably I do to, at least to a certain extent). And Switzerland is not part of :eu: :wink:

Certain things. The vibe is similar too.

Well i use the Eu flag to symbolize European unity and Switzerland is a part of Europe so. But let’s not get more political since it’s not allowed on the forums. I still send love from Sweden.

I can see how you think.

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I think if eventually you could unlock a technology to see a map of the planet or see the locations of other players it would make it a little easier

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If you want to see the entire planet there should be a tech for satellites which unlocks the ability to construct and launch a satellite.

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