In-game "pause" and "cancel action" function

When I watched Dave’s most recent development video, (it was about how the cavemen people can remove trees) I immediately knew that I would mess something up and remove something I didn’t want to. So, my suggestion is for there to be a button to stop them from cutting down that tree you loved before they do the deed, (cancel action button) and also an in-game “pause” button that stops time and freezes them in place, allowing you to stop the action before they reach the tree. (Or rock, etc.)
I have no idea if he already intends to implement this, but I just figured that it would be helpful to mention in case he isn’t. (Also, my inner derp would show through and I would mess up within the first 5 minutes without it. :joy:)


I’m like 90% sure there’s an in game pause menu based on various screenshots I’ve seen on Twitter.

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I’m not sure pausing in-game will freeze time, though. (Especially if you want to freeze time to go stop an action - probably can’t happen if the game is paused, but rather if time is paused.)

Are you asking about making a pause button as in time stops but you can still move the camera and control actions, or a pause button that makes a pop up screen where you can’t do anything but hit “quit”, “settings”, “resume”, etc?

I assume it’s the first one, but clarification would be nice :slight_smile: