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Uh, I need a question answered, because I am beyond confused. I’m not member, so I can’t invite members via the option on my profile. However, I tried to PM people on the BH forums, but an error message showed up stating none of them are accepting PMs. Idk what to do. Help? XD

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That means they have either turned off pms or they blocked you. Maybe it’s a glitch or something, but it’s never happened to me before.

There’s a really rare chance they all did that. Plus, I’ve PMed one of them at least four times. Thanks for this info though.

Try to PM them something else. If it doesn’t work, they probably muted you. If it lets you, they didn’t mute you.

Alright, I’ll give that a try! :slight_smile:

Some users also have turned off private messaging there :+1:

???Why in the world would you do that???


Because they won’t want private messages. I had my BH PMs disabled for ages when the forums were too busy for me to keep up. I’m having trouble keeping up now!

All I meant is that it was a coincidence like, six users didn’t use PMs when I was trying to. But you make a valid point.

How do you even disable PMs on discorse? Not that I plan to, just curious.


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Direct link:

Second to last option on the page.

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I’m actually disabling PMs rn for a bit. Weird, huh? XD