Is it possible to go underwater?

I’ve noticed that in Dave’s videos he’s never actually gone beneath the surface of the ocean (As far as I’ve seen). Is it even possible to go underwater in the game as it is, or if not, will you ever be able to? Or maybe it’s possible to go underwater, but it’s just not interesting enough to show? I guess this isn’t a really important question, but ever since I first saw those glittery waves I’ve wanted to see what they’re like from underneath… :heart_eyes:


He probabbly just hasn’t made anything cool down there yet. He’s just waiting to show us something really wonderful. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s interesting how much more realistic the water looks compared to the land, the whole ripple blur effect. The water also seems to get pretty dark fast as it gets deeper. I was assuming the water was more a boundary than an area to explore…

This was my assumption as well. But keep in mind that if no official water features are added, I can just about guarantee someone will mod something in.


So no official note on if this is going to be a thing yet?

I haven’t decided yet. Much like Blockheads, I will focus on above the ground first, and see how it goes. If the game gets to a point where some underwater gameplay would make a positive difference, and it’s worth the effort, I’ll add it. For now though, you can’t go below the water, and there is nothing there.


Just for kicks, add treasure underwater that is visible yet unreachable. I can’t tell you how many times I drowned before finally accepting that Link was not going to sink in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.