Legacy of milla and majicDave’s Titles/Photos

This is the thread for the legacy of milla and Dave’s legacy of titles and photos.

We start off with David Frampton with his classic Blockhead picture and the custom title: “Disclaimer: subject to change”.

Milla meanwhile has a beautiful shot of Ambience (I assume so). Of course, her custom title is “Community manager”.

The future of all pictures and custom titles of milla and Dave starts here!! :slight_smile:


But what if they don’t change in this forum though, just the blockheads?

Just in case. I do highly doubt that’s the case though.

Pllleeeeaseeee change your picture to a fluffy rabbit milla!

Shhh. Let her have her first picture a couple days or a week first. XD

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Or a month… or a year… I like the one milla has currently, it also feels fitting with the polished look of this forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

When I get the chance to, I’ll replace these clean snippets of the custom titles and profile picture, minus the post.

Did it for you.



Thanks! :grinning: