Losing limbs has been a fairly large thing in history, such as through attacks from wild animals, other people, or even diseases like gangrene. Even though it is a tad bit brutal, losing limbs could be a fairly interesting aspect in the game, and could be an interesting way to have tribesmen taking care of each other (feeding an armless person for them, or moving a person missing a leg around.)

I don’t think this will be added to the game. Dave often goes around the difficult or controversial topics and it wouldn’t really add to the gameplay. At least that’s how I see it.

Maybe I’m wrong. Games often have a general form of disease. So this would be another way to create variety in why people don’t work. Age could also be used for that.

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True, the game seems too lighthearted for things that can be violent, considering Dave’s stance on combat.


Perhaps limb damage, like broken bones and such could be added? Then splints and other options could be made available.

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this makes sense, but we shouldn’t expect people with visual damage and twisted bones or no arms. It should just be a status effect that reduces functionality.

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