Linux Support?


Will the game be able to run on Linux?


Technically, I’m creating the game in a way that makes building it for many platforms relatively easy, and there will definitely be a Linux version of the server.

However actually shipping the game client for lots of different platforms brings on other challenges, like testing on every different configuration, and being able to support unique problems that come up for every platform.

So I guess the answer is maybe. It’s technically very possible, but whether it ends up being worth my time to create and maintain a Linux version depends on the demand really.


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I’m aiming for Steam at the moment, but I’m not totally sure yet.


Wait, so will the server be run only on Linux, or are there executables for the big three?


The client itself can act as a server, so in a way the server will ship everywhere anyway. But I’m pretty sure a dedicated server application will ship for Windows and Mac too, and not just Linux.

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Yeah, I’ve known about the internal server. Just wanted to know about the dedicated server. Thanks!


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Linux support would be amazing :slight_smile: I have a CentOS box that I’d love to be able to set my worlds up on since backups & such is already configured correctly.

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I guess we wait for the alpha/beta to find out. Even if there’s no native support, there’s a decent chance it’ll still work in Wine, though I’d rather not have to rely on that.

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I know for one I’d be interested in linux support although with the success of proton on steam, this doesn’t necessarily have to be native I guess.