Longing for a new Black and White or Age Of Empires with this format

I have just found this amazing project, and I am so impressed. It looks fantastic, the engine seems so powerful and there is so much potential. Ever since I played Black and White and it’s sequel from Lionhead studios I have always wanted a new game with multiplayer, this has so much potential to be just that. I have also always wanted an Age Of Empires style RTS with this sort of engine and world.

In the future do you think you could spin off this game in a direction which is less micro management, focused and more macro strategy? I.e you build structures from a library of prefabs that have different roles, i.e town center, barracks, watch tower, and then train your villagers to conquer and go fourth as armies in a collective rather than individuals? The goal being creating a successful self sustaining civilisation capable of defence and expansion.

I also feel this would be better suited to a free mouse, controlled camera interaction model, like Sims or black and white, where your mouse moves freely and is not a cross-hair mode. Cross-hair mode can be quite disorientating when trying to queue up actions.