LUA code mod builder/GUI mod builder

I do not know if this is a thing but perhaps 2 types of mod development
One where you can open and edit the games LUA code and the other as a block code style GUI.
Having the GUI perhaps editing character models and food and animations or even making your players be able to have emoticon

What do you mean? Like a drag and drop?

I’ll explain Block Coding. So basically it’s like block commands. Like a command on a shape. You put the “Blocks” together vertically to make a simple code. Usually the command on the block says what it’ll do.
Hope that made sense

Ex: the code function that would mean loop make “Logan” dance 10 times would read in blocks

[Loop [10] [make “[Logan]” dance x[10]]]
In a GUI each [value] would be a different block.

I honestly don’t think it’s worth Dave’s time to implement a “block” coding style… lua is an incredibly simple language. Here’s a loop that I bet anyone can understand.

for i = 1, 10 do
  print("Do something", i)

I’m gonna guess this means set variable I to 0 add 1 to I per time (do something) is done and once Variable I is at 10 proceed to next process???

I can pretty much say with 100% certainty that I wont be creating a GUI to create mods, so you’ll need to edit lua code. As @Bibliophile said, lua is a pretty friendly language :slight_smile:


I,agine a moddded program to make ambience mods!

I don’t understand that. I’m only in 4th grade…

thinks: how am I gonna create mods… :sob:

Someone else might make a mod which adds a GUI to the game, which then can be used to make further changes directly from within the game. Technically someone could even make a separate GUI application which does exactly what you want and modifies the game’s scripts in major ways using a graphical interface. So it’s all possible, but it just comes down to what people want to do. I’m pretty excited about seeing what everyone comes up with :slight_smile:

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Wait, but what if someone hacks the game, without using mods?

Like for example, let’s say The Blockheads had a mod adder. Someone made a hack- like mod without even making a mod.

Ok, that doesn’t even make sense, but… whatever.

Fantastic! I’m already experienced in Lua so this is great :slight_smile:

In the basic terms, hacks are essentially already mods. The term “hack” is used in place of “mod” when the game isn’t meant to be edited. In the case of Ambience, modifying the code is encouraged, therefore I would presume any “hacking” is considered perfectly fine. (Assuming it doesn’t violate any ToS, that is.)


Basically what you need to do is decide whether or not you want to install cheaty mods.

I do not think this is worth his time at all, but if you would like to develop that go for it. LUA is one of the simplest, if not the simplest, programming language in the world.

Getting around “hacks” can be done very much the way World of Warcraft did - a LUA API is exposed and certain functions are marked as internal - these functions have the potential to provide unfair advantage. All other API calls (functions) are ones that can enhance gameplay and are okay to be used by any mod.

It still wouldn’t matter though. Chances are a server will just restrict any mods the other people are using. And if someone cheats in single player it doesn’t hurt anyone

client side mods are the issue here. Client side mods change how the game works without permission from the server.

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