Mac support?

Ambience is a large open world multiplayer civilization builder game for PC.

This is a place to discuss Majic Jungle’s upcoming game for PC.

I was under the impression from the devblogs that it was also for Mac. Is that no longer the case?


Yes, PCs running OSX are supported, as well as those running Windows.


I was wondering the same. Normally, there is ‘PC’, meaning Windows-based, and Mac. Glad to have that sorted.

I did decide to remove Mac from being specifically mentioned though, as I have hit a bit of a problem. Apple are moving away from supporting OpenGL, and in particular their profiling tools no longer work. It’s clear that Apple want everyone to use the Metal graphics API instead of OpenGL. Given that Ambience is still a couple of years off, it may be that I can no longer ship for Mac using an OpenGL renderer by the time it is launched. If that is the case, I would have to rewrite quite large parts of the game to use Metal, and that may not be an option.

So for now, I am using a Mac to develop it, and I intend to support Mac. But the only thing I know for sure is that I will support Windows PC, because it is 95% of the market. Mac support is now a little less of a certainty.


I’m a big fan of Apple and Mac, because from a user standpoint, it just works. But’s there are two problems (that I can see) with having a company contol both the hardware and software applications:

  1. Apple is able to force hardware upgrades simply by discontinuing support of newer software, and
  2. There’s almost nothing to stop them from making everything proprietary.

So whilst I would be sad if Ambience isn’t supported on my Mac, I get it. Hope it works out.


If Macs arent supported, I won’t be able to get the game :frowning:

I assume if it doesn’t work on MacOS, it will at least work under something like Windows Parallels on a mac?

Sorry. Couldn’t help myself.

Should do. I don’t know what Parallel’s graphics drivers are like, but since it’s a complete virtualised Windows environment the game should at least work. To what level of performance, I do not know.

You could try using Boot Camp on macOS if you have enough space and if you know how to configure it.

I have Windows installed on my Mac, with a dualboot, via Bootcamp.

I’ve got it the other way around Mac on Windows. ._.