Map Questions

I actually have several suggestions on this but it mainly circulates around whether or not the map will change in any way.

I’d like to see the tiles blend more together, not too much just enough to make it look semi-natural.

I think that Biomes, Continents and Varying Species of Flora and Fauna depending on the Continent would motivate trade, colonization and exploration of the map as a whole. These biomes could be something like Deserts, Jungle, etc.

Another feature I’d like to see in the game is a Migration System where you could select a mass amount of Sapiens to move to a different Biome or Land form as well as a way to grow your population to the Hundreds and still control them on a Mass.

I know i’m asking for a lot but these are just suggestions in an effort to better the game, thank you for the opportunity to voice our opinion on the future of the game.

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What about all of your Sapiens?

Yeah i also want the tiles to blend more. Look at civilization 6 for example. All of these are really great ideas. I would love to see these in the game