Massive multiplayer?


you could make this massive multiplayer by making the game as the go thru time but when people find new techs it advances the whole world (able to build the techs still need resources).Then allow people to make city’s, the city’s (build area) size will grow with the amount of people that join the city.Then for people living in city’s you could make plots that people can sell and buy that would make grefing impossible.Then you could also make the town leader able to evict people (probably thru a vote), also make them able to ban people from the city Thur a vote and assign plots and other things that you can get (like farms or markets :grinning: ). This also means you could make the city leader able to make a tax or a way to make some one else co-leader with less power. also you could make resource be more in some area’s than other’s so trade is more ideal and or seeing more city’s and exploring more appealing then you could also use npc’s to make some quests -I like this a lot


That whoud be cool :smile:


I feel like it wouldn’t work as an MMO - having so many players, but perhaps Co-Op and Competitive would work, with like 2 - 10 players - or a server with limited people


ya maby a little more people but ya i guess


It’s undoubted that this game deserves a multiplayer experience, but that goal could interfere with the natural progression of the design development Dave might have in mind. I would encourage exploration of the game’s content without concern about multiplayer practicality limitations!


It will have multiplayer, on player hosted worlds. It isn’t likely to MM though. The host overheads would go through the roof if it were scaled up to be massive.


Yeah I agree, one seldom sees massively multiplayer management games like this one (I assume) will be. This is generally because the player interaction usually detracts from the game on a large scale, especially in the event of one group becoming too powerful. A game like this needs a small local mulltiplayer that allows interaction of tribes on a scale of smaller skirmishes, trading, alliances etc.

Given that - and I know this is a consensus I feel most have come to already and I just wanted to put in my two cents here - the whole massively multiplayer bit just most likely isn’t the best match for this genre of game.

That and the server costs would be mad