Max number of players?

Any idea what the max number of players are going to be per server? I know it’s early but what’s your vision set on.


I can say for one thing, world size shouldn’t be a limiting factor. Which means it will probably be based on optimal gameplay, and the way servers are looking to be optimized… I’d guess more than Blockheads, that’s for sure. (16 for all of you non-Blockheads players.)

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Sinece it seems like players will be able to host servers on their own computers, maybe we can choose however many we think our computer can support.

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More than one :eyes:


My computer supports -1 computers


I’m currently using the enet networking library, which supports a maximum of 32 players online at one time. So It’ll be set to that initially. Long term though that could change, there are still ways to increase that, or I may need to limit it further.

Realistically 16 to 32 is probably what I’m aiming for though. I’m not making an MMO here, that’s an entirely different thing. I’m just aiming to allow groups of friends to be able to play together.


Now an MMO would be interesting. Hmmm. I wonder how well that would play out?

I’ve seen you say this multiple times, but can’t seem to find this limitation documented anywhere…

Am I missing something?