Medical content

Similarly to having people have skills, it would be cool if they had organs and a basic medical system. While they can be ignored by the player, if they’re micromanaged they would provide better tribe performance. Things which could be affected by what the person trains in, what they eat, injuries and genetics. Examples:

Muscles: simple introduction to the player about people’s health. Can specialize in strength, and or fine motor skills (like crafting). Like all others, this could be affected by age and diet.

Heart and lungs: affects tasks that require stamina, impact the health of other organs. (Genetics examples, cardiac malformations, asthma). This could be a simple concept to introduce to the player that health matters for basic performance enhancement if they wish to micromanage it.

Brain: affected by experience - can develop anxiety/depression/apathy/social impairments etc. depending on what you expose them to. It can be useful to have apathetic warriors, anxious hunter gatherers, and the depressed will be more likely to survive illnesses and trauma. These could provide a way to further micromanage a tribe’s specialties, or avoid unwanted problems.
(Genetics could be hard to implement without offending people)

Liver and kidneys: trained and damaged by herbs, poisons, drugs, and dietary quality (carbs/fats/proteins/vitamins and minerals). Can be used to complicate people’s required diet for micromanagement of health and peak performance.
(Genetics examples, diabetes 1 and 2)

You could later introduce diseases and medical procedures: infections, amputations, organ transplants, blood transfusions with blood types, etc. Also therapy, training and remedies for enhancements.


I think, about medical content, the best is to keep it simple.
Speaking for myself, I am a medical doctor. Medicine and human bodies are complex.
The more you try to put into it, the more it will demand. It would be enough for a completely different game, such a game would be awesome for trainees in medicine, but not the general public I guess.

Here are my two cents on the medical part I think would be appropriate for this game:

  • Plants (including mushrooms) should be devided into 3: food ; healing and damaging by poison
  • Food should be either good or spoiled, the first being healing, the second damaging, as well through poisoning.
  • Trauma should definitely exist: either from falling while building high stuff / climbing trees, either from fighting, or from animals
  • Water should be either potable; stagnant or salty. The 2 later options would cause damage, through poisoning.
  • Sapiens should begin as amateurs in the arts of healing others. Then, some would learn that this plant causes damage, or that one heals. This person would be the first that Trauma would go to, hence gaining more experience.
    Poisoning would be dealt by water + good plants
    Trauma by simple splinting.

A sapien affected by disease would become “sick”, and would not be able to work for 4 days.

Perhaps in a later stage, infectious diseases could appear.


What about different diseases have different recovery rates

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Makes total sense yeah!

Different plants/mushrooms would deal different damage