Metals inside rocks

From what I’ve seen of the game, and what Dave has already said, it doesn’t seem to be a very mining-oriented game. However, I do feel like it would benefit to have metallic materials for building and maybe tools (?), so maybe your, uh, caveman guys could use some sort of hammer or pickaxe to crack open rocks that would have chances of having metals in them? Maybe Dave was already thinking of implementing this, or maybe he doesn’t want metals at all, but I figured I’d just pitch this idea just in case.


Are you talking about something that resembles the mining in a game like BotW, or more like Minecraft/TBH?

I’m talking about the rocks that are already generated aboveground. There would be no underground aspect.

(And what is BotW? Never heard of it.)

Legend of Zelda: Breathe of The Wild

It’s a game on the Nintendo Switch.

And WiiU.
Hm. So they would just hit it and *poof* there’s your metals?

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maybe a few more hits, @THEHACKKKNIGHT

Yeah, true. But technically the same thing?

i guess.

Probably the best way to implement it is similar to Age of Empires or Stronghold. There you have a bunch of ores where you can place a mining outpost next to it. It might run out eventually, or not. Don’t know which one is better for Sapiens. At least they need to hold on for quite a while. Perhaps there can be Biomes with loads of ores. That way there is a need for several cities and trading.

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That would certainly give more incentive to explore, having certain regions rich in metal and others that might have different resources (more trees/wood, better trees, water, etc.).
Or just a couple kinds of ore spawn in a certain region/biome and the other ores aren’t present there or are very low in quantity (might facilitate trading).

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There has to be enough ores everywhere to be able to start a tribe. But for an interesting endgame there should be certain biomes that have special kinds of ores or a special amount of ores at least. Especially, if there is a multiplayer mode. And for that there has to be a good solution for the logistics stuff.

It would be really sad, if sapiens turns out to also be one of those games, that are only fun in the early game.

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